• Horizontal Boring Mill K&T Horizontal Boring Mill
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  • Carlton Traveling Column HBM Carlton Traveling Column HBM
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  • 20HC Machining Center Cincinnati 20HC Machining Center
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  • 10HS Machining Center G&L 10HS Machining Center
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  • 10HS Machining Center hbm G&L 10HS Machining Center
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  • PC60 HBM G&L 10HS Machining Center
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  • K&T K&T Horizontal Boring Mill

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  • K&T K&T Horizontal Boring Mill

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  • 10HS Machining Center G&L 10HS Machining Center
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  • Cincinnati 20V Machining Center Cincinnati 20V Machining Center
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HBM Remanufacturing

The Daniluk Corporation is the leading rebuilder / remanufacturer of HBM machine tools in the United States. Daniluk has extensive experience in medium to large HBM machine tool rebuilding. One or our specialities is to convert manual machines to full CNC including upgrading the drive system to the latest technology in precision ball screws and servo systems. All remanufacturing processes are controlled in-house at our Oklahoma City facility. Our processes include full re-engineering of the machine tool, by investigating historical problems a machine tool has had we can make engineering upgrades to eliminate these and improve the machines functionality and accuracy. Major focuses include safety, maintainability, ergonomics, energy conservation, increase machine accuracy and dependability. With improved speeds, feeds and machine accuracy and repeatabilty the productivity on equipment increases significantly. Contact us for all of your HBM rebuilding needs.

A typical HBM remanufacture includes:

Complete disassembly
Sand blast and painting
Precision grinding of ways
Complete rebuild of headstock including replacement of all bearings
Complete re-build of tool changers including all new bearings
Complete rebuild of all axis drive systems including replacement of ball screws and bearings
Redesign of the ballscrews and drives (new ballscrew bearings and seals)
Installation of TurciteĀ® wear material on all moving surfaces
New way wipers
New Fanuc CNC control, axis drives and spindle drive
Complete new electrical system
Complete new hydraulic system
Complete new way lube system
New chip conveyer
Part cut run-off test at Daniluk and customer
Installation assistance
Operator / maintenance training
Full documentation including hard copy and electronic of mechanical / electrical / hydraulic
1 year full coverage warranty on all mechanical and a 2 year full coverage warranty on control