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High Pressure Coolant Systems

High Pressure Systems Company is a full service company with the ability and experience to assist you with your high pressure and high volume coolant system needs. Our high pressure coolant systems can improve your productivity and lower your tooling costs by addressing three major areas - Heat, Chips and Lubricity.

Safety - The most important detail at High Pressure Systems is safety. We know that nothing is more important to us and our customers. At High Pressure Systems safety is not an option, it comes standard on all HPS units. All of our units have redundant safety systems and each and every safety system is tested on every unit.

Service - At High Pressure Systems we have the largest factory trained service group in the country to support your system. Service is always just a phone call away.

Heat- One of the major causes of tool failure is heat. Normal flood coolant in many cases does not even get to the cutting edge. The temperature at the tool is often over 1000 degrees F. High pressure coolant keeps the temperature lower at the cutting edge and improves the cutting action of the tool. Metal can be cut at much higher surface speeds improving productivity as well as lowering tooling cost.

Chips - Chips are another major cause of broken and damaged tooling. Many materials make long, stringy chips that wrap around the tooling causing premature tooling failure. High pressure coolant helps to break chips by hitting the chips at speeds up to several hundred miles per hour. This high force keeps the chips from falling back into the cut and prevents broken inserts caused by recutting chips. Drills usually take a lot of abuse, but with high pressure coolant the chips are blown out of the hole giving you long predictable drill life.

Lubricity - Lubricity also plays an important role in metal cutting. Our high pressure coolant systems deliver the coolant between the cutting tool and the workpiece dramatically improving the lubrication, tool life and in many cases the surface finish.

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